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Alapana Arts Centre for Music and Dance


Classical music & dance have given a special identity to Indian culture. alapana's endeavour is to bequeath Indian cultural heritage through music and dance.

Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S.Ramanathan had committed himself for the sole mission of exchanging his profound musical knowledge with the whole world. It was his vision that the world would appreciate the potential, beauty & impact of this great melodic tradition more and more in the decades to come. True to his vision, Indian classical carnatic music has already started soaking the hearts of millions of people across the continents.

Mrs R.Banumathy, daughter & disciple of Dr S.Ramanathan carries the baton and has been continuing the mission.

alapana arts, popularly known as alapana, was founded in Singapore in 1999 by Mrs R.Banumathy. Over the years, alapana has established itself as a premiere institution teaching and performing Indian classical Carnatic music & Bharatanatyam in Singapore. alapana faithfully adheres to the musical tradition inherited through the Trinity and passed on by Dr S.Ramanathan. alapana also strictly follows the path laid by our trendsetter Gurus, the Dhananjayans in the field of Bharatanatyam.

alapana offers lessons in Indian classical (Carnatic) music - Vocal, Veena, Violin,Flute, Mridangam & dance -Bharatanatyam.

alapana operates through its main branch at 375 Serangoon Road. Classes are also held at Melville Park, Simei as we intend establishing eventually a full-fledged branch in the Eastern zone of Singapore..

Quality and variety ~ the hallmark of alapana



375 Serangoon Road,

Contact number: 

+065 63963296, +065 98280418

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