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Product Features

Recording Studio - Perfect your skills!

You can conveniently record your practice lessons in your own private recording studio with the built-in Eswar sruthi box! Recordings can be stored offline or can be uploaded to your account at any convenient time. Since practice lessons can be shared directly with the teacher, corrections are easier and your learning becomes perfect. Since the lessons and practices are shared in advance, the class interactions with the teacher can be more productive.

Sharing & Access - Its easy and fun!

You can share your recordings with your teacher and friends. You have absolute control of your creations and only you can share it. Your content is safe and secure! You can conveniently manage your list of friends and students and easily connect with them. Musicrux ensures that your uploads and downloads are intelligently managed thereby optimising your internet utilisation. You can access your files from anywhere with convenience and flexibility.

Teaching & Learning Online - Your virutal classroom!

Through Musicrux you can directly have a video session with your teacher or student. Teachers can connect to multiple students in the same classroom session. All you need is just your browser to use the video sessions! Initiating the call is simple and the attendance for a particular session is automatically tracked. You can have your own unique name for each virtual class room session, thereby conveniently organising each session.

Schedule & Reports - Your online teaching assitant!

Musicrux allows you to maintain your schedule of classes. Reminders for scheduled classes and notifications of changes to the schedule are automatically sent out. Attendance to the sessions are automatically tracked and reports showing the classes attended by each student are automatically generated and sent each month. You can also view the reports at any time conveniently through the application.

Learning Resources - Makes learning music creative and interesting!

Musicrux makes learning fun and easy through a suite of creative resources including books and games. These resources provide for structured learning and also encourage practice. The books are properly structured for each learning level and use concepts like color coding to promote pattern recognition and faster learning.
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