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Papanasam Sivan


Friday, 26 September, 1890 to Wednesday, 10 October, 1973


Papanasam Sivan, a well-known composer of carnatic music, was fondly called 'Tamil Tyagaraja' in recognition of his enormous contribution. His compositions were popularised by the renditions of MKT Bhagavathar and MS Subbulakshmi. He has received numerous awards for his contribution to carnatic music.

Brief history: 

Sivan, initially named as Ramaiya, was born in Tanjavur. His family moved to Trivandrum after the death of his father. Sivan was an ardent devotee and sang many devotional songs. He learnt classical devotional songs under the tutelage of Neelakandasivan. Sivan used to wander around giving recitals of devotional songs and this took him often to the holy town of Papanasam, thereby giving him his well-known name, 'Papanasam Sivan'. Sivan's initial guru was Noorani Mahadeva Bhagavathar and later he trained under the legendary Konerirajapuram Vaidyanath Iyer.

Musical Journey: 

Papanasam Sivan was extremely well-versed in the intricacies of carnatic music. Singing devotional songs was his passion and he never missed attending music festivals in various temples around South India. His contribution to music was recognised by the President through an award in 1962. He received the Saneetha Kalashikamani award in 1969 and the Sangeetha Kalanidhi award in 1971.

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