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Pallavi Gopala Iyer


Thursday, 1 January, 1750 to Sunday, 31 December, 1820


Pallavi Gopala Iyer was a famous composer of carnatic music. He was a royal court musician in the Tanjore Kingdom. 

Brief history: 

Pallavi Gopala Iyer was born in family with a rich musical heritage. His father Veeraraghava Iyer was a noted musician. Gopala Iyer's first guru was Patchimiriam Adiyappayya. Patchimiriam Adiyappayya had the title 'Margadarshi' for his contribution to music, especially his composition Bhairavi Ata tala varnam. 


Musical Journey: 

Gopala Iyer was also honoured by the royal court in Mysore for his contributions to music. He had composed many varnams and kritis including - Mahishasura Mardhini (Kalyani), Amba Nadu (Todi), Needu Carana Pankaja (Kalyani). Legend has it that Gopala Iyer composed the Kalyani Varna and sang it in front of his guru, Adiyappayya. Though secretly happy with his student's skills and prowess, Adiyappayya commented that it was a 'Schoolboy's composition'. 


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