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Nilakanta Sivan


Tuesday, 1 January, 1839 to Monday, 31 December, 1900


Neelakanta Sivan was popular composer of carnatic music. His compositions were primarily in tamil.


Brief history: 

Neelakanta Sivan was named Subramaniam at birth and was born in Nagercoil. He was brought up in Padmanabhapuram. He spent most of his time in the temple even as a boy and was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva. 


Musical Journey: 

Neelakanta Sivan visited many holy places including the 108 holy shrines. He performed many miracles at these places. Nilakanta Sivan excelled in composing kritis in several forms including - viruttham, chandaviruttham, sindhu, panchagam, shatkam, ashtakam, navakam, dhasakam, sathakam, navarthana maalai, andhadhi, nalangu, laali, kummi and thaalaatu. He hade written thousands of compositions including - Oraru Mugane (Reetigowlai), Sambo Mahadeva (Bowli), Ananda Nadanamaduvaar (Purvikalyani), Enna Vanthalum (Khambhoji), Enraikku Sivakirupai (Mukaari), Oru naal oruphozhuthakilum (Kamas). He also composed the sixty three nayanmar charithram.

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