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Mysore Vasudevachar


Sunday, 28 May, 1865 to Wednesday, 17 May, 1961


Vasudevachar was a Carnatic musician and composer who has composed many popular kritis. He has composed more than 200 kritis including - brocheva revaru ra (Kamas), Mamavatu (Hindolam), Devadideva (Sunadavinodini) and Ra Ra Rajeevalochana (Mohanam). He has composed kritis primilary in telgu and sanskrit.

Brief history: 

Vasudevachar was born in Mysore. His first guru was Veena Padmanabaiah, the then musician of the Royal Court in Mysore. After his studies at the Maharaja Sanskrit College, Vasudevachar was under the tutelage of the famous musician Patam Subramania Iyer. With is fine skills, Vasudevachar eventually became of the Chief Musician of the Royal Court at Mysore. 

Musical Journey: 

Most of Vasudevachar's kritis were in praise of Lord Rama, reflecting his Tyagaraja Shishya paramparya. Vasudevachar was also the chief musician at Kalakshetra. He wrote his autobiography, Nenapugalu, in Kannada. Many of his compositions were published in the book Vasudeva Kirtana Manjari. 

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