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Gopalakrishna Bharati


Monday, 1 January, 1810 to Thursday, 31 December, 1896


Goplakrishna Bharati was a tamil poet and composer. He has written many popular kritis and books including Nantanar Charitram and kathakaltchepam. 


Brief history: 

He was born in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu and later moved to the Kumbakkonam district in the state. Born in a family of musicians with a rich carnatic lineage, Gopalakrishna Bharati had excellent music skills. His first guru was the musician Ramdas.


Musical Journey: 

Gopalakrishna Bharati's compositions were well-received by the audience and leading musicians approached Gopalakrishna Bharati to compose Kritis for them. He used the signature gopalakrishna in his kritis. Bharati lived during the same period as the famous saint composer Sri Tyagaraja and it is said that during their meeting, Sri Tyagaraja requested Bharati to compose a song in the raga, Abhogi. Bharati immediately composed the popular kriti, Sabhapathikku.

The tamil literary legend, U.V.Swaminatha Iyer was Gopalakrishna Bharati's music disciple and had written a biography on Bharati as well as made many references to Bharati in his autobiography. 

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