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Monday, 22 May, 1408 to Sunday, 14 February, 1503


Annamacharya was saint and a composer of carnatic kritis. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and most of his compositions are in the praise of the Lord. He is considered as the pioneer of writing compositions in telugu. The testimony to his carnatic excellence is that his songs are still popular among the audience even after 6 centuries.


Brief history: 

He was born in the kadappa district of Andhra Pradesh. His wife, Timmakka, was an accomplished writer as well and had written Subhadra Kalyanam. He is credited to have written as much as 36,000 compositions, though only 12,000 of his compositions are available now. His compositions were nearly lost for three centuries till 1849, when they were found in a small room in the Tirumala Temple.  


Musical Journey: 

Annamacharya considered his kritis as offerings to the Lord. His extreme bhakthi stands out in all his compositions. Annamacharya wrote a musical treatise 'Sankirthana lakshanamu'. 


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