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Carnatic Music

Learning Carnatic Music

Carnatic music has a rich heritage and tradition and embodies a huge knowledge-base. It has always been taught in the rich guru-shishya tradition with absolute respect and devotion for the teacher. With increasing time pressures and activities, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to continue their carnatic music lessons beyond a point in their career. To address this issue and promote the rich tradition of carnatic music, Musicrux platform connects the teachers and students in an easy and effective manner. It allows practice sessions to be shared with the teacher, so that corrections and progress is easier. It allows the lessons to be shared in advance with the students, so that the necessary homework can be done in advance and the time with the teacher can be effectively utilised.


Carnatic Music Lessons

Musicrux allows the teachers to share their carnatic music lessons safely and securely. The lessons cannot be shared or copied by anybody other than the teacher. The teacher can schedule the music classes across timezones with automatic scheduling and reminders. The attendance to the sessions is automatically tracked. Musicrux provides easy multi-party video conferencing facility.

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