Sandeep Narayan

I love that my profession is also my passion. I never have to look at my job as something I am just doing because I "have to." Nor is it a place I go to, only to count down the time until I'm back home again.

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Abdul Kalam
Shri Raga - His Favourite
A connoisseur of Carnatic classical music, he used to play the veena. He loved Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi's music.He had attended many of her concerts. He had written a tamil poetry to pay homage to her.
Vishaka Hari
Vishaka Hari
Vishaka Hari takes her audience to a different world with her brilliant harikatha performances. Her strong command of the subject along with beautiful compositions leave the audience enthralled.
Music Fundamentals
Music Fundamentals

How are jathi's classified? What is laghu and drutham? what is kaala? The melakartha ragas and their janyas with aarohana and avarohana.

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